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Hey guys, I own a 2003 Kawasaki zzr250 with 39,000kms (~24,000 miles).
I bought it about 4 months ago, and it rode really well that whole time.

2 days ago however, when I rode the bike to my parents place, it ran normally but was making a bit of a hissing sound. It was parked at my parents place overnight, and then yesterday it wouldn't start, the engine turned and all, but it just didn't seem to catch on. I was in a hurry, so just got a lift, and came back today to try and fix it based on various information from the internet, but I decided to give it a try again first, so i primed it a bit, and now it starts with full throttle, even without the choke. Unfortunately, the second i turn the choke off, and release the throttle, it won't idle, it just turns off. I tried playing with the idle screw, but to no avail. I've taken it to the mechanics, which was annoying because I had to keep the rpms up everytime i stopped, and they're busy so they can't take a look at it until next wednesday, which is **** irritating because the bike is now my main form of transport. So i was hoping to try and get it up and running myself, or at least figuring out which part is causing the problem.

This is my first bike, so I'm an amateur when it comes to the mechanics and if its too tough to do alone i might just leave it for the mechanic, but any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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