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Need 03 ZX6RR Rear Plastic to replace seat Lime green

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Not sure what it's called but I need the cowel plastic to get rid of the rear seat.

You can pm me or email me at [email protected]
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Dude I found one on eBay!! :shock:

Check it out:

I also found a few others (2-Silver and 1-Blue) but this is the only Lime Green! :D

Check out how much a new one goes for Beartooth Kawasaki or with Ron Ayers (http://www.ronayers.com), these are probably best OEM prices you'll see! :D Then place a bid on eBay!

I would sell you mine! But I use it a lot :wink:

I hope this helps!
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By the way Ron Ayers has your rear seat cover:

Part Number: 53065-1054-7F
Price: $125.32

This is for the 636 but I'm sure it'll fit the 600!

I just thought you would like to know. :D

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