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Hey my buddy and I got a wrecked '94 ZX-6 from my sister's boyfriend and we wanna get it running. Most of the stuff (except body) that we need is listed below.

-Front left caliper
-Right handlebar assembly (that bolts on)
-Alternator (generator) housing/cover
-Rear brake pedal mounting bracket
-Gear selector assembly
-Right rear peg (the bracket is there...just need peg)
-Clutch lever hold-down (the U-bracket that holds the clutch lever to the handlebar)
-Oil and radiator drain plugs
-Gas tank
-All 4 tying hooks, and the little black squarish things that bolt on top even with the two front tie hooks.
-Left grab rail

Hit me up at [email protected] or on these boards with a price for whatever parts you got..
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