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I have just got my first bike, and i was given it due to the problems that the bike has.

It starts OK, some slight knocking that disapears at about 2000 Rpm - I am assuming that this could be the carbs being out of balance. This however is not the matter of concern for me.

Once the bike is running, if any throttle is applied then the bike usually stalls, some times it may run, but once the throtle is released the bike will definately stall, it does this when warm and cold, with choke and without.

I have checked the ignitoion, appears fine, have checked the spark plugs and they were black sooty so that suggests to me that the bike is running rich, I have removed the air filter, but this seems to have made things no better.

Before I remove the carbs are there any other things that I could try or examine? Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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