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I just inherited an 89 KX 125. The engine is missing the head but the jug and the low end are there. The gears shift very well, the piston goes up and down with no problem. I am currently bidding on ebay for a carb, exhaust, and a few other parts.

Question, I have no money in this bike at all. I question the motor, what year motors can I put on that frame? I see a 91 KX 125 motor on ebay, needs top end rebuild, I'm just curious. How about a KX 250 motor?

I am really enjoying rebuilding this bike. The front and rear calipers work fine, the mono shock needs nitorgen but other than that it's okay. The tires are okay, the bike came with a cdi unit. I pulled the fenders off a YZ along with the coil and levers. The chain looks good as does the rear sprocket.

Any help would be greately appreciated.


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