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Need help selecting helmet.

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I know my heads circumfrence is a tiny bit under 62cm (XLarge helmet).
Today I went to a local bike shop to try on some helmets to see which ones I liked. I tried on a KBC XLarge helmet, it was very tight and too wide. It pused on my forehead and the back of my head, there is no way that helmet will fit me. I tried an XXLarge, thinking that will do, wrong. Same problem. So I go to a different brand (Gmax) and try on an XLarge, it firts perfectly. To make sure its not just that helmet by chance that fits me, I tried an other brand (Cyber). Their XLarge helmet also fit me perfectly, although I wouldn't buy one because its too short, just wearing it for a few seconds fogged it up. At least it fit right.

My question. Why do some brands of helmets fit me (in the same size) and others don't? What are some brands of helmet that are shaped on the inside like the Cyber and Gmax XLarge helmets? Are some models of the same brand shaped differently on the inside?

On a side note, "Hi everybody" this is my first post :grin:. I found this forum a few days ago, I like it.
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You are in an unfortunate situation since you are not able to try on several helmets. The bottom line is regardless of price that the helmet fits properly. It truly amazes me that people will go through all the trouble of learning how to ride, but will skimp on the very things that will protect them in the event of an unfortunate crash.

What you do get from the top two helmet makers Arai and Shoei is a solid fit and finished helmet. One of the major reasons that the helmets fit better is because they make different shells for different heads - makes sense so far right. On the off chance that a particular brand fits you well then go for it. You do want the helmet a little bit snug as the foam will form to your head. A majority of riders I have seen have helmets to big for their head. If you move the helmet up and down while strapped on it moves easily and shifts or left to right and does the same. A good fitting helmet will initally be a little tight and should be tight enough that when you lift up and down holds onto your head and doesn't just lift/shift. You don't want the vulcan mind skull tight, but snug is good.

You can find Arai's and Shoeis for less than the 400 - 600 premiums on ebay brand new.
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