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Need help selecting helmet.

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I know my heads circumfrence is a tiny bit under 62cm (XLarge helmet).
Today I went to a local bike shop to try on some helmets to see which ones I liked. I tried on a KBC XLarge helmet, it was very tight and too wide. It pused on my forehead and the back of my head, there is no way that helmet will fit me. I tried an XXLarge, thinking that will do, wrong. Same problem. So I go to a different brand (Gmax) and try on an XLarge, it firts perfectly. To make sure its not just that helmet by chance that fits me, I tried an other brand (Cyber). Their XLarge helmet also fit me perfectly, although I wouldn't buy one because its too short, just wearing it for a few seconds fogged it up. At least it fit right.

My question. Why do some brands of helmets fit me (in the same size) and others don't? What are some brands of helmet that are shaped on the inside like the Cyber and Gmax XLarge helmets? Are some models of the same brand shaped differently on the inside?

On a side note, "Hi everybody" this is my first post :grin:. I found this forum a few days ago, I like it.
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The problem you are having is because many helmets are made in only one shape which is round. You probably wear a long oval. Some manufacturers make both shapes but usually in the more expensive brands. I wear only Shoei and Arai for that reason among a few other reasons..but you don't want to hear about those two brands ...right? :wink: Nevertheless those are the only brands I know that fit me perfectly, not to mention the superior protection they provide against head & facial injuries, the better air flow, periphal vision, etc.
You may want to consider the following thought....You undoubtably paid many thousands for your bike, which after all could be replaced if wrecked so why not invest a few hundred dollars to protect your non-replaceable head and brain? :???:
I don't think any of my Shoeis or the Arai MX helmets have a designation as to shape in the helmets themselves. If such was in the paper work accompaning them, I have forgotten. Much of the differences in these two brands are in the shell construction like carbon fiber which is stronger, and lighter which is basically a comfort thing. The other differences are in the interior..amount of padding and where it is located... such as around the facial/cheek area, whether or not it is all removable for washing or replacement, amount of ventilation, etc. Also both of these brands not only are Snell & DOT approved, but both exceed Snell & DOT minumum standards. I can appreciate the limitations on budget you have so I guess you will just have to buy the very best that you can afford. HJC seems to have a decent reputation as far as quality is concerned and possibly you can find one of them that will not break your budget :-|
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Unfortunately you didn't fill out your profile with any location info but if you're in the U.S. you really should take a MSF rider training course right away before any bad habits are learned.
Regarding used helmets, unless I knew the previous owner and the history of the helmet, I'd never buy a used helmet. Regardless of the appearance or the quality, any helmet is designed to absorb just one severe impact. After that it is basically useless insofar as protection is concerned. The foam liner is crushed and the damage is invisible to the eye.
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