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Need help selecting helmet.

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I know my heads circumfrence is a tiny bit under 62cm (XLarge helmet).
Today I went to a local bike shop to try on some helmets to see which ones I liked. I tried on a KBC XLarge helmet, it was very tight and too wide. It pused on my forehead and the back of my head, there is no way that helmet will fit me. I tried an XXLarge, thinking that will do, wrong. Same problem. So I go to a different brand (Gmax) and try on an XLarge, it firts perfectly. To make sure its not just that helmet by chance that fits me, I tried an other brand (Cyber). Their XLarge helmet also fit me perfectly, although I wouldn't buy one because its too short, just wearing it for a few seconds fogged it up. At least it fit right.

My question. Why do some brands of helmets fit me (in the same size) and others don't? What are some brands of helmet that are shaped on the inside like the Cyber and Gmax XLarge helmets? Are some models of the same brand shaped differently on the inside?

On a side note, "Hi everybody" this is my first post :grin:. I found this forum a few days ago, I like it.
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Thanks for the link.

I would buy an Arai or Shoei helmet but the price is holding me back. I think some of the helmets had removable liners but I don't know if the padding was removable. I don't really want to buy one helmet and order extra padding for it.

I really liked how the Gmax fealt on my head (it was a full face street helmet). If it wasn't for the design on the shell, I would have bought it. The problem is, my head isn't what you would call "round", its a bit longer than it is wide (yes, my head looks perfectly normal ;)). The KBC helmets seem to be more round than long, although the other helmets that fit looked just as round on the inside.

Any suggestions besides Arai and Shoei (that aren't as expensive)?

EDIT: There isn't much of a selection at the local motorcycle stores that I know of (in or around Springfield, MO), so I would prefer to buy online.
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hot_shoe_cv said:
You may want to consider the following thought....You undoubtably paid many thousands for your bike, which after all could be replaced if wrecked so why not invest a few hundred dollars to protect your non-replaceable head and brain? :???:
You have a very good point there.

So are the helmets usually marked "round" or "oval"? How do I know which is which? I realise that Arai and Shoei are the top of the line, but can't a $150 dollar helmet do the job of a $400 helmet? I'm in college, I'd rather not get the top-of-the-line-super-helmet when my budget is a bit tight (as it is now). I was just asking for a good alternative to those helmets that can save my head in case I need saving and is of decent quality.

A top of the line Arai would cost almost as much, if not the same as I paid for my current bike ;-). My current bike being a 1989 EX500 which was laid down. I'll post before and after pics when it's completly finished.

Oh, in case someone was wondering. I consider myself a newbie rider. I've ridden before (125-350cc), just never on my own bike.
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Unfortunatly, the selection of helmets in the local stores is lacking. I didn't see any used helmets, and they didn't have many new helmets to choose from (no Shoei or Arai). I'll try ebay for a used (or new) helmet. If I find a used Shoei or Arai, that I really like, I'll buy it. Otherwise I think I'll get an HJC. Thanks for all the help :)

Oh and my budget, its set by me ;-), so nothing happens if I spend more than I want to.
Ok, new helmet it is. Probably HJC.

hot_shoe_cv - I live in Springfield, MO. I already looked into taking the MSF course and I want to take it within the next week or two.

I have to say, this forum is very helpful. :)
Oh, one more question to those of you who have HJC helmets. I know that Arai labels (forgot the actual labels) their helmets according to what shape of head it will fit (long oval/something in-between/round). I heard that HJC helmets fit more of a long oval head than a round head. Is that true?

I'm pretty sure I'll get an HJC CL14 off ebay (new, not used ;))
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