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I have mentioned these before, back when I got them in February of last year, but thought I'd hold praise down until I've had them for a while and had a good, unbiased opinion of them. Well, now I do.

They're cheap. They're tough. They're comfy (once broken in). They're easy to fit over other clothing (sweaters, jeans, etc.). What's not to love for less than $300 for a 2pc suit??

Personally, I'm very pleased. They've held up for 1yr without any problem. Over that year they've seen lots of riding, the jacket's seen regular year round use, they've been tested at low speed, they've been beat on and poorly cared for (I'm lazy). Only problems are a few scuffs here and there, that lil triangle bit in the crotch has curled corners (almost un-noticeable and the seam is fine), the paint is peeling off the zipper-pulls, and the right hand cuff zipper gave out after trying to sinch it down over a thick pair of gloves (which was easily fixed with 1 minute and a pair of needle-nose). Only legit complaint I have ever had was that the zippers are plastic and not metal...but they're very heavy duty.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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