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A bear and a rabbit are neighbors, they're always arguing about something.

One day they're going at it and a frog hops by, the frog stops and says to the bear & rabbit " I'm a magic frog and I can grant you both three wishes"

Well the bear and the rabbit look at each other thinking this frog is loco. Having nothing to lose the bear thinks for a while and then wishes to be the best looking bear on the planet in order to attract all the females.

Shazamm, says the frog, the bear goes from a ragged emaciated state to a muscular handsome bear with the nicest fur anybody as ever seen.

The frog then wishes for a carrot, you a*$h!$$ says the bear you could have had anything and you wished for a carrot !.

Shazam, says the frog, the rabbit gets his carrot, the best carrot he's ever tasted. The bear just continues to bawl him out.

The rabbit then starts flaming the bear, you might be the best looking bear around but from what I've heard from your ex you're lousy in the bedroom! So the bear starts thinking and wishes to become the best lover the most virile bear in the world.

Shazamm, says the frog, the bear didn't see any difference and asks the frog if he really was more virile. The frog tells him to close his eyes and think of a beautiful female, he does and Boing he springs to life, looks down and is very proud of himself. The bear takes some time to show off to the rabbit and asks what the rabbits next stupid wish will be.

Rabbit thinks for a while, then wishes for a GSX-R1300 adapted to his size with all the gear that goes with it. Bear starts flaming the rabbit, of all the things you could of had you asked for a motorcycle? what an idiot!.

Shazamm,says the frog, the motorcycle and all the gear appear in front of the rabbit, the rabbit turns to the bear and says, you know you may the best looking and most virile bear but with your personality I doubt many females would choose you over any other male!

The bear thinks about it a while and makes his final wish, I want every bear other than me to be female.

Shazamm, says the frog, every other bear on the planet is now a female you're the only male bear left on earth. The bear is now feeling very good about himself and starts ragging on the rabbit about what stupid wish he's going to make.

The rabbit ignores the bear and starts to gear up for a ride on his bike, once he's geared up he hops on the bike, the frog and bear waiting impatiently for his next wish.

The rabbit fires up the bike, puts it in gear and just as he's letting out the clutch, yells to the frog.







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