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Hello All,
First post here. I have a 1997 Mule 2510 4X4 that I bought new, and use it almost every day on our 35 acre farm. When the Mule goes down things don't get done so it has to stay mission capable. I recently had an intermittent starting/ total loss of electrical power issue. I checked the relays, switches, starter, ignition but to no avail. I slept on the problem, and yes you guessed it the positive terminal connection to the battery had vibrated loose over time, and all the accessory positive connections were making occasional contact which explained the intermittent nature of the problem. I could have saved myself a lot of time had I checked the easy things first. The lesson relearned here is always check the battery connections, and ground connections first! You might just save yourself a day of head scratching, and a lot of valuable time!


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