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New 07 ZX-6r... Frame Sliders?

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hey, just wanted to show everyone the new bike, got it last night. and get a opnion on what are the best no cut sliders.... i also want to loose that huge fender but dont have cash right now for a fender elim and I think im going to get a acro.

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I've got the Shogun no-cuts too but there's a debate about whether no-cuts hold up during a crash or whether they cause more damage (at least on the side with the adaptor). You'll find plenty of guys who say they suck and others who have crashed hard and say they hold up fine. One side goes straight on to the frame but the other side (I don't remember which) requires an adaptor so that it is positioned correctly to go through the opening in the fairing.

Oh, and be prepared for absolute hell getting the frame bolts out. They are notoriously tight, and I mean TIGHT, from the factory. Most of the guys I know who have put on sliders ended up using an impact wrench or stripping the frame bolts. I ended up stripping one side and then had to pick up an Irwin Bolt Grip Fastener Remover from Home Depot ($20) to get it off. Serious PITA.

Congrats on the new 6R, it looks awesome, and smart move getting the sliders on right away.
is there any chance that you have a pic of them/ the section you had to cut? i just eel bad cutting up a brand new farring but if it still looks clean then i prolly will
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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