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New 2004 1500 classic

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I just bought a new from the showroom floor 2004 1500 classic. Living in Michigan, I didn't exactly want to buy a new bike in December, but I was able to get if for $7,800 plus tax & title, and I got the 5 year warranty for $575. I also got the standard 10% of all accessories (now just kawasaki) on the day of the purchase, which I took full advantage of.

I'd been shopping for a while, and this seemed like a pretty good deal. So did I do okay price-wise on the bike and warranty, or should I be mad at myself? Either way, I have a new bike.

By the way, this board is great. Very helpful stuff.

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Sounds like a fair deal to me too. You are going to just love that bike. Can't wait to see some pics! 8)
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