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New 2004 1500 classic

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I just bought a new from the showroom floor 2004 1500 classic. Living in Michigan, I didn't exactly want to buy a new bike in December, but I was able to get if for $7,800 plus tax & title, and I got the 5 year warranty for $575. I also got the standard 10% of all accessories (now just kawasaki) on the day of the purchase, which I took full advantage of.

I'd been shopping for a while, and this seemed like a pretty good deal. So did I do okay price-wise on the bike and warranty, or should I be mad at myself? Either way, I have a new bike.

By the way, this board is great. Very helpful stuff.

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Hi Mike!

You did good on your purchase and on the warranty. Don't look back at all.

Now just be ready to deal with winter weather that will limit your riding time. You've probably read that many of us have already put our bikes up for the winter (snow, ice, and gravel) and are having withdrawls. It really looks silly when my wife see's me sitting on my bike making motor sounds as if I'm on another ride. :)
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