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New 2004 VN750 -

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:cry: Hi all - I just purchased my first new Kawasaki, a Vulcan 750 A20. So far so good, though after having the bike in my hands for a little over a month, I have come across some things that make me wonder about Kawasaki...And these are things that I would have not found or realized at the time of delivery.
For example: I have found several cross threaded bolts. I did so by finding them loose (from the factory) and trying to tighten them. Broke a couple...! Also the finish on several areas is less than good - like the ear foot peg mounts, the chrome is not finished looks scratched. I would have expected a finished product. Same thing for the frame paint, in one very visible area the paint looks like over-spray, not shiny of finished. Then there is the transmission - many times while downshifting to a stop at slow speed, the gear shifter may end up 'in-between' gears. In order to get it in gear again, I have to release the clutch slightly so it catches again.
While I don’t mean to be picky, this is a brand new bike and I would have though the K’s quality would have not let this happen. It worries :roll: me that if I have found this so far, what else may be hidden that wont show up until later. These are clearly defects in manufacturing and craftsmanship by any standards. What is it with K’s quality?
The salesperson laughed at me when brought these things to their attention at visit a few days later, they said I should have said something at pre-delivery. Is this typical bike dealer behavior? So I have taken it to their service department who has agreed to submit my issues to Kawasaki, but no guarantees as to what they will do. While they have agreed to get some of this corrected, I get the feeling (from them) that I am expecting too much from a bike (and dealer).
Is Kawasaki not known for attention to detail? What should I expect?

Any feedback from new bike buyers or people in the business appraciated!

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Hi sunnyorlando....and Welcome! :) You'll find some very nice and caring people here.

I have to agree that the dealer (others call them "Stealers") should make it right....unless of course they are only concerned with "the sale" and not the customer.....then you may have to stand your ground and find what legal means is available to you.....if you simply cannot get satisfaction from the stealer. I have wondered if I had bought my bike new (mine was used when purchased June 2004) and did not get reasonable customer service how to go about dealing with that. I had thought that if it was going no where I might be inclined to say things like: "So....since you either refuse to help me or just don't care to help me....how about I submit a story to the local news folks and tell them just what kind of company / business you really are"! I know....that's probably not what others would do.....so don't run out and try it...YET. There is always the AG that you can turn to and file a complaint as well as the BBB...."IF" you have exhausted all other means.

Now....as for the level of quality of finish product from Kawasaki....I can't speak about that since I bought a used bike. I'm sure others will offer some good ideas. Hang in there and don't get to discouraged.....somehow it'll work out for you.
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