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new 6rr clutch problem?

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Ok here's the thing, i have been riding the new 6rr since thursday night. I've put 240 miles on it, and tonight on the way home from work the clutch seemed to be screwy. This morning it was cool, 68 degrees or so, and i didn't hit alot of stop and go so i didn't notice anything.

On the way home it was 85 to 88 and all stop and go traffic, the bike got hot, up around 210 degrees, and i could feel a ton of heat on my ankles (my alpinestar boots aren't in until late this week). I could hear 3rd gear whining with the clutch in as i start to slow, and things clear up when i went down to 2nd. Well i come to a stop and do my usual 2 finger clutch pull. Things disengage fine but when i start to take off things just go blup and i stall. I think ok i'm a dork and i pull the clutch to my fingers, and now it won't start. I pull all the way to the grip and boom it starts. I get home thinking what the hell is going on, and start looking at the bike. The temp is now up to 219 and i have a full inch of play in my clutch handle. I went in and had dinner, let things cool down and checked it out and play was back down to 1/2 inch. I adjusted it at the lower nuts and got it back to the 2 to 3 mm (1/8 inch or so) recommended and went out for a little jaunt.

Things seem fine now, is it overheating? Anyone have a clue? I was conscious of not riding the clutch even though it was stop and go, but it seems a little extreme even if i was riding it for it to overheat and get a full inch of play in a 40 minute ride. Am i off the wall here?

I went out last night after the bike was completely cooled down, and had to take all the adjust i had done to the clutch back off. It was tight as a drum with no slack in the lever once it cooled.
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I'm assuming this is a new rr? If so then take it back to the dealer. Dealers are bad about not wanting to touch things if you have already been messing with it. I'd let them deal with it.

As far as the 219 degrees, I have a '04 zx6r and in stop and go traffic mine will get to 210-212. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't think 219 was "that" hot. This is my first street bike so someone let me know if I'm wrong.
Yes, it's a brand new rr. Now that i've started paying attention to the clutch it seems to be loosening up on every ride. On a decent ride (100 miles or so) out of traffic with very few stops, i am gaining somewhere near 3/8 of an inch in play. I am taking it back to the dealer tomorrow or wednesday, my suspicion is that the adjustable slipper clutch is the culprit but the dealer will have to tell me. The 3rd gear whine is really concerning me now, it seems to have got louder.
Let me know what they tell you in case my 6r starts having the same problem.
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