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The NEW Adrenalin Crew DVD release, "Introduction to Street Bike Insanity" is available now at http://www.illegalactivity.com !

This DVD features the most insane street bike stunts performed by stunt riders from movies such as Biker Boyz and Torque on streets and highways from Los Angeles to Washington DC (riding backwards, standing on the gas tank, endos, wheelies) combined with extreme jackass footage (fireworks, police chases, girls, wrecks, and more!) and an equally extreme soundtrack featuring artists ranging from Deicide to Otep.

Click here to view the Trailer online! http://www.adrenalinstudios.com/video/AC.mpg

We have an all day festival coming up Sunday September 12th at MIR Race Track just outside of Waldorf, Maryland including exhibitions/stunt shows by Teckademics (Mischief series), Adrenalin Crew (street bike stunt team), live entertainment by Sev, Tamu, DJ Pick, MC Dei, Paradoxx (featuring Subkrew), Professional Skateboarding, appearances by Playboy Models, and more

See this link for more information:

Thanks for checking us out!
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