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so my sister got a brand new ninja 250 a couple days ago. (i'm trying to talk her into signing up here ^.^) it's her first bike, and i'm glad she can go with me and my dad on rides now, once she gets her lisence.

anyways, i took it for a spin, and it felt really weird, i figured since i was used to my 500. but after i parked it, my dad and i were looking at it, and for some reason i tried to turn the upper stem bolt on the top triple clamp.
i didn't expect it to turn!!

this after they had it in the back of the shop supposedly checking it over to make sure everything was properly torqued/fluids full/ everything adjusted.

my dad went back to the shop the next day to talk with the manager about it.the manager wanted dad to bring it back in to have them fix it. dad refused, saying he doesn't trust the mechanics back there, that they already had 2 chances to make sure everything was proper, once when they assembled it from the crate, and when they checked it over when they sold it to my sister.

so, in the end, my sister hired me as her mechanic, and i'm going over her bike with a very fine comb, correcting what i find wrong, (clutch adjusted way out, throttle slightly sticky, loose bolts, mysterious ticking in the engine, etc)

so, any tips, or stories? i could use some basic torque specs on a 2004 ninja 250 till my sister's service manual arrives.
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