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New C14 owner in Reno area

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Hey everyone! I'm a recently rehabilitated touring cruiser rider (9 years and 45k on a Victory Cross Roads) who just pulled the trigger on a 20 Concours 14. I'm a repeat offender where Kawi is concerned, having owned an '85 VN700 and an 09 VN900 before buying the Vic in '12, but I've never owned (nor ridden, before yesterday) a sport tourer.

While I'm pretty comfortable in my general mechanical knowledge pertaining to motorcycles, being new to the sport touring game (and liquid cooled I-4s), I figured I had better reach out and learn a thing or two.

Thanks for having me!
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Hey all,

New owner in FL. Just got a 2021 Concours 14 ABS. Bought it on reputation, sight unseen, long story. I am 6'6" and I find the ride a bit cramped and in general want to improve the ergos. I am looking for info, so please point me in the right direction (maybe advice or an existing thread).

1) Corbin vs Sargent (or other) seat? I was at Corbin and they had one in stock that felt good, but it would not lock on the bike properly. They are getting back to me.
2) Handlebar risers? Seen some online. Cables seem a bit tight. Can I go with 2" risers without cable work? Any specific recommendations?
3) Peg lowering. Seen some online. Are shifter and brake height adjustable at all? I worry that if I lower, brake and shifter will be too high. I did see one set that lowers brake and shifter, but cables looked tight and it required some physical mods that I do not want to do just yet.
4) Aftermarket cruise. Best and simple install.

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