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New C14 owner in Reno area

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Hey everyone! I'm a recently rehabilitated touring cruiser rider (9 years and 45k on a Victory Cross Roads) who just pulled the trigger on a 20 Concours 14. I'm a repeat offender where Kawi is concerned, having owned an '85 VN700 and an 09 VN900 before buying the Vic in '12, but I've never owned (nor ridden, before yesterday) a sport tourer.

While I'm pretty comfortable in my general mechanical knowledge pertaining to motorcycles, being new to the sport touring game (and liquid cooled I-4s), I figured I had better reach out and learn a thing or two.

Thanks for having me!
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Welcome to the forum from another sport touring guy! When I was shopping around back in 2007 I found the C14 to just be too tall and too heavy for me. I opted for a Yamaha FJR instead. 13 years and 139,xxx miles later I bought another one!
After 14 yrs on FJRs I still tell people if I were about 3" taller and 40 or so lbs heavier I'd probably still be riding the Connie. At 5'10" (barely) and 185 lbs wet I believed I'd have trouble with it. Even with the smaller FJR I have the seat in the low position and use a bucket-type seat to get me a bit closer to the ground. I had considered lowering the bike but opted for thicker boot soles insread. So far, so good!

Be safe out there!
When you ride that puppy over to the east coast we'll trade rides. I'll show you how the cruise control works ;).
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