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Here's some good info by "Beavis" about degoating. Makes alot of sense to me.

I happen to dissagree that degoating robs power from the engine if it's done "right".
The pre-muffler does actually reduce back pressure by being an expansion chamber. if you just de-goat, especially on the 750, you are actually increasing backpressure-at the time it counts-when the valve is open, because it has no chamber to go into, and it backs up against the small opening at the muffler generating the pop you hear in the new sound.

Put in a cross over pipe into your degoat to make an "H", this lets the other side become the expansion chamber. Result, a lower tone and not as much pop, bigger bike sound and a return of power.

Keeps your regulator, battery and ignitor cooler. A good thing!
Plus more of a big bike sound.

On the 700, I am not sure if an H pipe is nececary due to less exhaust escape volume.

A crossover should be about the same size. could be a bit smaller if nececary, but mine is around the same size. Too big equals more heat underneath.
But I wouldnt go any less than the 2/3 the size.
Makes a good sound.

Then if you want it louder, you can drill 5/16 holes circling the exit tube on each muffler/ this will bypass the mini muffler in the back of each..

Done with a kit, it is completely reversable if you dont like it.

Have a nice day. Ride safely.
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Scootworks has a nice kit for what I think is fair price. I'm gonna get one of them to degoat my 750. It would be even better if the kit included the crossover pipe, but that's minor problem. Heck! with all the muffler shops around one shouldn't have a hard time finding one to install the Xover.
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