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Hi guys. Been riding motorcycles 52 years or so, like a lot of people my age started off in the dirt in Southern Cal. That was the Golden Age of motocross. Those were some great times.

I stumbled upon a1980 kz750 that introduced me to street bikes and what a great machine it was. I discovered a Whole New World riding in the street.

All I did was put on a Kerker pipe and it ran really good. Many Good Times up the legendary Angeles Crest Highway and the canyon roads to Malibu beach. I'm lucky to have survived in my 20's.

Moved to Arizona in 1987 and that is when I bought the first and original Honda Hurricane. Fantastic machine But unfortunately, I lost that in a garage fire....

Was out of street bikes for a while, but then I bought an FZ1.

If anyone is interested I just listed this bike for sale:
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