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I'm 25 and from Quebec (Canada). I speak french.

My KZ is my 2nd bike (I started to run on a Honda NS400R). I had it for 5 years now, but it spent 2 years sleepin' cause I did not have the place to park it. But I just moved and I now have an underground parking so I'm taking the KZ back on the road.

I also have '82 KDX 250, which I never drove (beleive it or not, I had it for 3 years) I put out the engine once to rebuild it and never had the time to complete anything. I also bought an '81 GPz1100 for the engine (3d oversize, 140hp on injection) to put it in the KZ but I stored the bike before I did. I still have the parts and engine from the GPz and I was planning to put the KZ back on the road with the ''beast'' power palnt but my mecanic misses time so it will stay at 998cc for the summer.

My KZ got an ELR paint scheme. 4/1, K&N. In the next weeks I'll put the handle bar and pegs/shift linkage from the GPz so I'll have a sportier drive position.



My bro has an '82 GPz550 (his 1st bike). Was kinda funny to have 4 old Kawa bikes at home before I took apart the GPz.
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