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196? Meguro Police
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My name is Gary and live on Maui. I restore bikes like others do crossword puzzles. Recently acquired a 196? Meguro Police bike that needs a total restoration. It would have ended up in a scrap heap if I did not tackle it so I am tearing her down. Definitely going to need some parts and was hoping someone here may have a lead. I can't seem to find anything on the web.

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Welcome to the forums Gary.

I had never heard of the Meguro and had to go to Wiki to investigate.

Pictures of your bike would be appreciated.
Best of luck and I agree, parts will be hard to come by and will likely need to be custom made or adapted from other bikes.

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Info on the W1 650 is scarce in the US. You'll do a little bit better in the Au.
One piece of advice. There are no timing marks on the cam timing gears.
If for any reason you have to take the gear chest apart do not disturb the gears.
Do your best to have the engine at TDC Left cylinder compression stroke and at or near the timing mark.
At that point, mark the gears with matching dots.
Also it isn't unusual for the gears to be individually shimmed, so get them back where they came from.
I have a few other curious restoration and preservation tricks if you care ...
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