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new member saying hello

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hi all.
i bought a used 99 vulcan 800a its a real nice ride it has 10k on the clock and a small dent on the tank. its got a set of vance and hines drag pipes and some factory drag bars with a corbin saddle with fire and steel floorboards. it also has a set of willie max bags. i just installed a set of drag specialty mirrors and a pair of kuryakin iso flame grips.
i plan on removing the badges and painting some real fire flames on it this spring. switching out the floor borads for a set of scootworks forward controls and grampsizing the air box. plus some other cool tricks.
not bad for $2500. im very happy
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Seems like a steal!, nice looking bike. Welcome to the forum. IMO, this is the best site overall. Great people and much knowledge.
sweet bike!!
welcome!! Nice bike!!!!
nice ride mate !
If you wanna ged rid of the floorboards I will take em for the right bucks and if they will fit my missus 2005 VN 800 B (but I don't think so ) as exchange for the pegs
send pm plz
Welcome and sweet ride!!
Welcome, boy you stole that, how far did you have to chase him?
Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum. Lot's of good people and knowledge around here.
Nice Bike!

That's a cool ride & a great score!

Nice Bike an even better price!
Dude, someone should be crying for giving a sweet bike like that away, but, hey, your score. Great looking bike. Welcome. Glad to hear from you.
welcome aboard nice looking bike
thanks all.
i actually found it on craigslist. a verizon worker was losing his storage space in a bronx verizon wharehouse where he kept it. so he decided to try and sell it for $3500. when nobody bought it. he didnt know why. so he lowered it to $2800 . i live out on long island so i drove the 45 miles offered him the $2500 and rode it home. he was the original owner and had all the add ons installed by the dealer.

its alot smaller of a bike im used to , im downsizing from a couple of sportbikes and a harley electra glide . i just wanna cruise around .

and cruiserone. when the board changing comes around this spring ill try and remember to pm ya to see if ya want those boards.
Nice ride.....looks like a keeper to me.
Nice bike, nicer price. Glad to hear there are other folks that prefer pegs over boards.

I felt so all alone :p
I ll second that on the pegs, I think the floorboards make a bike look like a wheelchair.
Im old but I am not ready to get in one!
Dont hate me floorboard lovers, Im sure you have very good reasons you love em!
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on the steal of a deal.
Here is a link you may be interested in taking a look at. It's called the 800 club where everybody in it rides an 800 A B or E model. Some real nice folks there to share ideas and mods etc. The site is fairly new, but it is coming along nicely.
Take a look for yourself. ---> the "800 Club"
and maybe you could introduce yourself here if you're interested in learning more about it. --> http://www.kawasakimotorcycle.org/forum/kawasaki-cruisers/55391-800-club.html
Just tell them the Dudester sent ya.
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