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hi all,
great site here and i hope to contribute to it if i'm able.
a lil bio goes like...
48 male in vegas here.
1st bike was a 500 trophy triumph followed by a 69' kawasaki h1
needless to say that h1 tossed a hook early in me (a 16 year old kid on a 69' h1...yup)
after leaving the navy i fell into desert racing offroad for like 3 years in socal district 37 open novice.
blah-blah...had kids got married...bikes left...divorced and now getting back in.
so i stumbled on a 67 650 triumph chopper project (still haven't finished in 10 years)
but then a lil enduro fell in my lap in this 1973 f7
of course being not tha sharpest tool in the shed it went from a simple tear down repaint to a full on showroom attempt...smoothed all welds...even had a led rear light made for it...only the best type of thing
i look forward to kicking this in about 3 months (still alot of stupidness left on this project)
but look forward to finishing this....
then muh bonny...
and of course chasing down a 1969 h1 again to do a ground up showroom job on.
anyways...hi n hey to all who read
will post some pix's in the future and with the help of you here these kawasaki's should be proud riding examples

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Welcome to the forum!

Dude, you so need to read this thread! You're just what the doctor ordered!!

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Welcome and nice to see some efforts put into one of my favorite Kaws. Had an early 70's H1.It was the craziest of times riding with friends from work then on the weekends I would drag race it, never getting it beat in a quarter mile with nothing more than a gearing change... tons of fun. Anxious to see pictures when you get them finished.
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