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Hey whats up Kuzals

I used to live in Brampton about 3 months ago till I moved to the states. @ the time of riding I was 18. I had taken the Motorcycle safety course @ Humber. I got myself a Kawasaki Eliminator 250 (as you may or may not know is a small cruiser) I was with Kingsway Insurance company. THEY GAVE IT TO ME UP THE ARSE! I was paying $286.00 a month. But really thats Canada for you. Especially when it comes to insurance.

2 Years later here I am in the States, got a rate from Progressive (which unfortunaltely is not available in Canada) for a Ninja 500R. They quoted me @ $57.00/month!!!!!! Amazing. So I suggest to you that you either get another job orrrrrrrr move to the states.

Thats it my friend. Until your 25 expect to pay thru the nose to do something you love. OH and dont forget the 15% tax rate in Ontario too. :D

Sorry to put a damper on things but thats the way Canukville is !
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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