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Bad news for a young Canadian. Insurance in canada is not figured the same way as in the states. I won't get into all the boring details but nobody pays $126/year for bike insurance up here.

I have many years of claim free riding, own 1500cc cruiser, am in my mid forties and still pay over $300 can/yr.

Age, experience and especially motorcycle type determine the premiums. If it's classified as a sportsbike even if it's only 50 cc's you're looking at whopping premiums. Co worker of mine had a Katana for 4 yrs, then on his latest renewal notice his premiums doubled because the compagny reclassified it as a sportsbike rather than a tourer. He shopped around and found another compagny that still classified it as a tourer but as a 30 yr old married rider with 12 years of experience he still pays over $1,200 can.

Doubt you'll be able to insure anything for under 1K, if it's sport then double that. Only other option would be to move to the states. Or at least to another province since Ontario is infamous for having the greediest insurance compagnies.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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