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Hey thanks guys. While i've raced all of my mustangs at the track I have no desire to be a speed demon on two wheels ironically. I'm more worried about the other cars on the road than myself to be honest. But so is everyone on a bike I'm sure. I'm in northern NJ and anyone else here knows what kind of retarded drivers there are out there.

Only really looking to drive it on the weekends (probably not now that winter is around the corner though) and looking to learn on it. Definitely will take it quite easy for a while. Dont plan on hitting the highway until I have atleast about 500miles of road practice in.

I'm sure the ZZR600 is a lot more than "no slouch"....the only street bikes i've ever ridden were the like 70s-80s Suzuki GSX 150 or 250s that the MSF rider course had. So a modern 600 will feel like a rocket im sure. But thats ok.

RIDERS INSURANCE quoted me at $900 for the year full coverage. Not that bad of a price I suppose for a new rider. What are some of you guys my age paying for your bikes?
Ya, I drive MUCH faster in my cars than on the bike.

Take care, wear your gear, and POST SOME PICS!!! And welcome to the asylum!
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