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Hello Everyone!

Sorry to bombard the members with questions as Im sure you probably have answered these numerous times before so I again apologize.

I've been interested in bikes for a while but for the longest times I was very into import cars (and still am). I've decided to act upon my interests and learn how to ride em. Problem is ..... Im very short and everyone is either skeptical or warns me against even trying to learn(short meaning 5'1 PLUS Im an asian female). From the majority I've heard that the Ninja 250 and 500 are the best to start on. The only thing Im worried about is am I too short to ride a bike and if when I take a course and get my own do the ninja's range in size or do I have to get it lowered to fit me. Also I checked the kawasaki website for Canada and it doesnt say anything about 250s. Are they sold in Canada?

Thank you Very much

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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