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new rider

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hey everybody, im new to the forum and just got my first bike, i was just wondering if anyone knew of any really good riding spots in southern california? lemme know! thanks all
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Welcome! What kind of bike? We'd love to see pics of it.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......................another one.

there are a million, plus, are ya ready for this, one of the most active groups on the forum is the SOCALBTK riders ( patent pending...lol)

and, we ride this weekend the 15th...........I must say we have the coolest ride leader there is, and of course the sexiest tail gunner ever to straddle the bike
Welcome Music. But, like someone else said, WE NEED PICS.
Welcome music , great people here and from what I have read you will have no problems finding great people to ride with in SoCal.
Howdy, and Welcome! I don't think there are any good riding spots in southern California. Too much rain and bad roads. ;) I think some of the socal guys here can point you to the best roads. What do you ride? You know pics are mandatory!
Welcome to a beautiful world. :wink: Take it slow, learn a lot, and HAVE FUN!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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