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The Vance & Hines is extremely LOUD. One of many reasons I traded in my 500R. When I left in the morning, I always rolled the bike down to the street, started and quickly got away keeping the revs as low as possible. I let a buddy ride it at work one day, and I heard him come back into the parking lot from inside our brick building.

The 500r is very steady bike though. As long as you dont push it too hard, it is hard to get into trouble with it.

And plenty of power. It will smoke any high performance car your are likely to encounter on a daily basis. And will get better fuel economy than a base Civic.

Beware though. If you put an aftermarket exhaust on it, you WILL have to rejet the carbs. Another reason I traded in the bike. The guy I bought it from put the VH on, and did not rejet the carbs. There were holes in the powerband all over the place. And it seemed their locatation in the rev range changed on a daily basis.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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