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new to fourm

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hey this is a great fourm, i have been riding sportbikes for about 12 years .my wife and three young kids ride also.we have had alot of great bikes over the years like 89' zx10, 90' cbr1000 ,97'tl1000s,99'zx9,97'rf900,90'zx11,but threw it all i have had my 1984 900 ninja, that i love and would never give it up ,it's just something about it.doing some mods on it this winter. zx11 frontend and a zx11 rear wheel. cant wait to get it back. love to here back from someone who has done this swap.
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welcome to the forum. Glad to see someone else who likes the classics.
Had an 84 gpz 750. Was an awesome bike then 86 gpz 600r now, 86 zx1000 r. Man am I stuck in the 80's or what!
yea i also have a 81 goldwing, 82 650 maxium, 82 gs850l, 78 gs400 cafe, just sold my 79 gs1000. i love the 80's bikes. i use to ride newer bikes but we started to have kids and rather then giving up riding we went for cheaper bikes. at the time those were super cheap(80's),now i am hooked and just keep buying more.for what a new bike cost i can have 5-7 80's bikes.
I like the 80's bikes too... but i just can't give up the sleek look of the newer ones! Welcome to the forum!
Got a couple 81 honda 750's myself and liked riding them, but now they just sit. Got some newer bikes I need to put some ride time on, but still like the old ones too. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forums, CF!!! You got any pics of your ride??
Welcome to the forums, did somebody mention pictures? Where are the pictures?

here is two of my bikes ,i will try to get more of the other bikes soon (i have lots of bikes) some nice, some barn finds.


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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