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Hi, I'm new to the 2 stroke world. We're looking to make some mods to this little bike. We just bought a FMF pipe& silencer. It was out of necessity (sp) due to the stock one was broke into. Can someone give me some advice on a replacement reed setup. I've heard a lot of talk about the V-Force but just wondering if it's worth the extra money over say Boyesen power reed. This is for my son, not me.

Yes I've already learned that the 65 would've been a better bike but that's too late now. Just trying to make it a better bike.

We buy most of our stuff from Dennis Kirk. Does anyone know of a big parts store located in the south (save time on shipping). Also feel free to tell me of any great places besides Dennis Kirk to buy parts. Always looking to save money.

Any other hints or suggestions very much appreciated.


Gerald Harmon
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