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New Z1000?

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Hey everyone, first just wanna say this board is awesome, some of the posts have been a real help with my '88 EX500.

So anyway, last week I stop in at the Kawi dealer for some stuff, and I start looking around. What I see is just about the most incredible looking bike I have ever seen, the new Z1000. So I have a couple of questions...

Does anyone have one of these and if so, what are your impressions?

I have had my eye on another bike when I get a new one (shh, don't tell anyone, the Suzuki SV650), but I like this one soooo much more. Has anyone heard if Kawasaki will eventually make a mid size version, like a Z750 or something in the future?

I'm not looking at buying for at LEAST 6 months, and I'm not afraid of the 1000, its more of a cost thing. If they did make a smaller one, it would be more than enough for me (5'11" 145lbs). The Z1000 MSRP is $8500 while the SV650 is just under $6000. Huge power difference but I'm not convinced I would be missing out by settling with 80hp vs 125hp.

Any comments?? Thanks!
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Well i havent had the chance to ride a z1000 yet(they didnt have them when i stopped by last) so I dont have any input. I know a few people who have though and they said its not as powerful as they say. the power band is really odd and it doesnt hit hard, for being a modded zx9 motor. definately a very cool bike though. one guy who rode it said his zx6r pulled alot stronger then the z1000. is this the z750 you speak of?

i cant give you actual confirmation but i was told 2005 is supposed to have one in the line up. i do have a cool vid of a guy test riding the z1000 on a go cart track:)

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I had a feeling they would be making a 750, it only made sense, but I had no pictures or real evidence. 2005 you say? Awesome.

Reading about the 1000, they said that although it's a ZX9R motor, its been bored out so it doesn't make as much peak power or rev as high, but the peak is lower, and it makes good torque. Which would be a good thing because one of the reasons I liked the SV is because it's a V-twin. I think I'd enjoy a motor like that or in the Z1000 because I'm not so interested in top speed and balls-out riding. I'd much rather have something that has a bit more liveable powerband.

Is it 2005 yet? :D
not sure

i wouldnt wait for it unless your waiting that long for a bike. the sv is a great bike and is a great street bike. Ive been in love with the tl100s since 97:)

I've heard that the Z1000 handles quiet nice. The power isn't huge, but its more than enough. I've heard about the bike, never riden one. They have one up at the dealor, I shuld go check it out.

Well I'm definately gonna be waiting a while, I just took the MSF class and got my license in March, and I have been riding to work and back since. So I wanna really get some good hours in, make all my dumb rookie mistakes this year on the EX500. Just get really comfortable and get some experience in before I plunk down money on a brand new bike.

But I definately love the naked style waaaay better than a full sportbike. I have heard nothing but praise for the SV650, so I figure by the time I'm in the market for a new one, there will be some good reviews to compare the Z1000 or Z750 to the SV650 or SV1000.

Thanks for everyone's posts!
Went on a 200 mile ride on monday, on Angeles Crest Highway above LA. Awesome ride, tons of riders out. About halfway through, a dude on a SV came up and I let him pass, and lemme tell ya, I have to say there is no sound like a sport bike V-twin.....WOW. I like the looks of the Z1000 (hopefully Z750 soon) better, but the powerband and sound of the SV650, OMG!!!! Amazing...
congrats on the license. I tell you from experience that vtwin street bikes are a blast. best one i ever rode was a 01 buell x1 with a pipe and ignition upgrade(still waiting to ride an xb12). that thing rumbled like crazy sitting still but smoothed right out. the tl1000 is a great bike and the sv is a ton of fun. plenty of power to get you in trouble. i was getting on an on ramp and gunned it without thinking about it leaning back and the front slowly came up, pleasant suprise as i didnt think it had it. the sv makes up for power with all its usable torque. that bike will keep you happy.

The "S" version is very nice, on the Suzuki...their 750 GSX750R is awesome i tha tit has been getting all the updated insides that the 600 and 100borothers have been getting...Kawasaki has to get in the game ans Suzki has the entire market...unless you want a ducatti...LOOK for Kawasaki to have something on the floor this season...they are being VERY tight lipped about what's coming out...I have the August Sport rider Magazine and there is no hint of the lineup yet...
I rode one and just had to buy one a couple months later ... last week in fact .

Muzzy's says a remap , KN , pipe , their piston kit and 03 ZX-9R cams will put 160hp to the rear . I will see about that soon :D

At close to 410lbs total wt with losing the ugly " IMO " stock pipe that kinda power makes for a great sleeper and are my plans . Should be a wheelie monster !

hey , that 750 is a neat piece too.... debored Z1000 it is 8)
The Z750 came out last year in Canada, but not in the U.S. I seriously hope they bring it here to the U.S. as an '05 model. That single can on the side looks much nicer than the 4-2-4 pipes on the 1000, IMO. Kawasaki needs to fill in that midsize standard gap as they are the only Japanese bike not in the game. I hear the FZ6es are selling like hotcakes, but oddly enough the SV650s aren't. I hear it is because people don't really like the SV650S ergonomics, and the new styling is hated by many. I personally love the styling of the new SV, and next year it will come down to a choice between that or the FZ6 unless Kawa exports that sexy Z750 to the U.S. I think it looks badass with that single can, ZX-10R wheels, and oustanding styling. I wonder if the suspension will be fully adjustable like the 1000s.
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