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First post, new to forum.

I hope to be a part of this forum and educate myself and maybe help a few others along the way. (Noobs become vets at some point) ;)

Having an established career and no more kids at home (youngest graduates this year) , I finally got to a point where I can spend on such things as a motor cycle for the fun of it. Unfortunately this takes place as I turn 50, have less than perfect health and a fairly major back surgery a few years ago. :(

I credit my beautiful wife for accidentally getting me started thinking about riding after over 25 years of putting this hobby aside to raise a family. She did this by buying a motorcycle herself. She was afraid I would be upset so she had it delivered to a storage unit until such time she thought was the right time to tell me. A month later, she finally gives up the fact she bought a bike and I was happy to learn that she had always wanted to learn so she bought one on an impulse buy. Of course this gave me the green light to get my own, so we can learn to ride and ride together. :)

As a younger person, I always wanted the proverbial Kawasaki green Ninja.
Older me sits on a Ninja and realize that there is no way I can ride one at 50 with my back.

So I made a happy compromise for my first motorcycle ever and purchased a new Z400. I'm hoping that it will prove to be a good starter bike for me that will give me room to grow as my riding skills improve.
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