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Just bought my first bike tonight....

It is a 84 'Saki Ninja 500

I have rode but it has been some time now, and this wasnt a bad purchase IMO. It has a bit of miles but needs some cosmetic help.

1. Front fairing + mirrors
2. Front turn signals
3. New Gas tank or weld needed
4. Choke cable needs fixed

That's about it so cant complain for $550 including helmut

have pics up tomorrow, weather permitting
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but you're not a newb anymore :D
ispeed77 said:
but you're not a newb anymore :D
Ever look at the first posts that you did? Kinda amusing especially being this was the first forums I ever visited and this is when I got my first bike.

Some of the questions....oooo boy
you know what, i don't think i ever have. i can see where that could be amusing. :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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