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Newbi on a 93 600R Ninja quick ???

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First mods if this needs to go else where please by all means....

I have recently purchased my first bike (93 600R Ninja C model) in very great mechanical working order(knock on wood). The only thing wrong with the bike is that it was layed over on the rightside and the upper and lower fairing is cracked. Well no fear ebay was there and I purchased all new pieces for the bike for two hundred bucks. Well I am a very good Do It Yourselfer and I wanted to get some suggestion on how to go about preping and primming the bike to get it ready for the pros at the paintshop. My only concern is that everyone I talk to says I have to sand down to bare plastic to get the paint to stick..

Question 1) Is this true do I have to sand down to bare plastic. What do I use to prime the plastic? or are my pieces fiberglass??

Please help me in this matter, I am in no where near ready to place the soon to be newly painted pieces on the bike, I would just like a good winter project.

Oh and by the way I love riding a bike, this is my first bike I have ever owned and I have taken the MSF course here in OKC, OK and it was well worth it. I have now sucsessfully riden over 300 miles in two days. I am still sticking to quite country roads and nonbusy city streets, but I am having a blast.

Thank you for all of your guys and gals help.

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first bike? have you been riding awhile? just asking, since most people I talked to when I first got a bike told me I was going to lay it down/dump it. I haven't yet and you might not either. Just a thought to keep the wrecked plastics on for awhile in case of a "mishap".

thanks for the tech school paint job idea. never occured to me...
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