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Newbie - suspension

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Greetings. I've returned to biking after a LONG break. I had crotch rockets as a youngster (20's) and have just purchased a new 2007 ZX6R (at 44 yo!). I've only put just over 1k on it, so I'm still learning to be smooth and remember how to ride again. As a sports car road racer for ten years and a bit of a car buff, I feel very comfortable behind the wheel under any situation. There's a wonderful, twisty road near my house with lots of elevation changes and I'm four times faster in my beater Mazda pickup than I am with this bike! Quite embarrassing and frustrating!

Okay, to the point. Lots of adjustments that can be made on the suspension. I feel that it's a bit tight for street riding and our not so smooth conditions. From racing, I know that cranking on adjustments without knowledge is not a good thing. I'll never track the bike and soft would be fine for me, especially since I'm experiencing a lot of wrist pain thus far (I've read pointers on what not to do body positioning-wise, but still encounter pain and stiffness).

Thanks for any help.
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I've done a lot of playing around with the suspension on my zixxer, it's perfect now! The thing is that this is a crotch rocket, you could have it on the softest setting and it will still be hard.

Just use google. It's a lot more helpful.

P.S props to you riding a rocket. I'm planning giving up riding the rockets and getting myself a nice sport tourer and a sportscar by 30. I just couldn't imagine riding those things when I'm that old. I'll always be a speedfreak and physically fit, but I think I'll let the car do the speeding and the bike more like a relaxing thing haha
Thanks for the replies, they help. I've since found a lot of info on the forum for tweaking but again, I don't want to screw it up (will write down base settings). I think going "full" soft will make the ride a bit more comfortable. If I ever remember how to ride one half aggressively, I can firm it back up.
Remember though, going full soft will affect the ride a lot. These are race bikes and aren't meant to be a long distance/comfort ride. Lack of compression will lead to the bike bottoming out, the bike will feel very sluggish in corners (like a cruiser) and you will have bad brake dive. On the rear the back will feel that it won't come around, the back will squat causing the front to come up thus loosing traction to the road and you will have a too soft of a ride which can cause tank slapper and loss of control very easy. What you should do is set up the bike to your weight and then slowly make changes as you ride. Find that "sweet" spot where it's just right for the straights and the corners.

Hey, what is meant by "when I get THAT old"? Life is fast - I remember just yesterday I was playing sports in high school, chasing girls. Then college and more of the same. Got married and BAM, I'm 44 with four kids, mortgage, bills, college funds and not making enough to buy the toys I really want! Hold onto your twenties 'cause the years just coming faster and faster! :eek:
haha don't take it as offence:p I'm just saying that I don't want to be driving these things when I'm 30. My friends and I have talked about this stuff and we all agree that we would give up our rockets by 30 for reason that I will keep to myself becuase you might be offended. That's why I said "props to you" becuase not a lot of guys past 30 do I ever see on a rocket. Yeah I understand what you're saying, life is **** fast! Car's are getting pretty **** close to competing with a bike from 0-60, I just hope I can afford one of those soon!:mrgreen:
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