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bikeaholic said:
welcome jetedawg :D glad your thinking first before you buy-the 250 is a sweet little bike-but take the saftey course first and you'll see the 250 will become small very fast.
i would shoot for something a tad bit larger,just make sure its a kawi :lol: i can't rag ya drivin a tibby-my girlfriend has a 02 with cold air intake and exhaust and it is fun to drive but
if want QUICK come jump in the T/A with me 390rwhp,405lb torque,you can't even lean forward in the seat :lol:
I agree, the 250R will grow small really quick. Go for the 500 like my friend and I did. No bike experience prior to buying it for me and I absolutely love it. In fact, I went out to a closed down air force base and got it up to 110 mph a few times on the runways. Would have gone even faster had the wind not been blowing. That's another thing I've read about the 250R, the wind just blows it around because it is so light.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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