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Next Mod Phase

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OK, I'm planning ahead to when I have money (so 20 years from now...), and I was thinking that I was finished messing with lights - I got enough lights :) The next thing I was going to consider was trying to make the bike lighter - is there anything you guys can suggest to do that?

As I understand it, it's easy to buy aftermarket mufflers that can chop off quite a bit of weight, but I know about this much *hold up fingers very close together* about exhausts - just what I've extrapolated from wandering from post to post. Do I have to rejet/adjust anything with slipons? A full system? What is the advantage (if any) to a 2-1 system? Would I lose my centerstand if I went with a 2-1? (not an option - I love my centerstand :))

My main concern is that I don't want to lose low and mid-range torque - or I would like to minimize that loss if it's unavoidable - the high-end power boost, if present, isn't really an issue as the bike has enough power to scare me silly when it's stock. :)
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As far as losing your centerstand you will have to contact each of the headers manufacturers you are considering for that question.

Slip ons should not require rejetting, but going to a full system will definitely have to do be done as well as filters usually. If you just want a better rideable bike go with a Stage 1 kit.

If you are serious about getting your bike lighter, you will want to look for magnesium. titanium and carbon fiber parts, but IMHO you will not find a lot for your bike out there.

One of the most expensive, but well worth mods on any high end bike is going to Carbon Fiber rims as you will lose lots of rotational weight from the bike.

My suggestion is to go with a Stage 1 kit and work on upgrading your suspension to make it a better ride. You can look into getting progressive springs for your front forks. Try works performance products. www.worksperformance.com , race - tech or progressive springs.
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