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Next Mod Phase

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OK, I'm planning ahead to when I have money (so 20 years from now...), and I was thinking that I was finished messing with lights - I got enough lights :) The next thing I was going to consider was trying to make the bike lighter - is there anything you guys can suggest to do that?

As I understand it, it's easy to buy aftermarket mufflers that can chop off quite a bit of weight, but I know about this much *hold up fingers very close together* about exhausts - just what I've extrapolated from wandering from post to post. Do I have to rejet/adjust anything with slipons? A full system? What is the advantage (if any) to a 2-1 system? Would I lose my centerstand if I went with a 2-1? (not an option - I love my centerstand :))

My main concern is that I don't want to lose low and mid-range torque - or I would like to minimize that loss if it's unavoidable - the high-end power boost, if present, isn't really an issue as the bike has enough power to scare me silly when it's stock. :)
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