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First of all I wouldn't go that a battery is good unless you just replaced it..you can get a 12Vdc reading untill you pu a load on it...However...Set on the bike and put the kickstand UP, then pull the clutch and hit the start button. You may even want to clean the switch if it has been setting for any length of time. last but not least...If you have a large area to do it SAFELY in...SAFELY...Push start it with you setting on the seat and have a couple of friends push you...Key on...just a smidge of choke...not much, and pull the clutch in till she rolls up to speed and then tell you r friends "NOW" so that they know that you are going to release the clutch. I once bought a bike that the clutch was "stuck" on. I was scared because I could accellerateeven though I hadd the clutch pulled in and I could slow down although the lutch was in...finally it "unStuck",,,oh and i had replaced the oil with diesel fuel just to get it unstuck...something you shouldn't do unless you plan an immediate shut down and KNOW what you are doing...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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