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I'm looking to do weekend touring with my girlfriend on an '07 ninja 650.

We're arguing over to how best to carry our gear. enough for picnics and more than just a spare t-shirt each.

Tank bags, saddlebags (panniers)?

do i need specialty kawasaki ninja bags?

i think she won't be able to sit on the back with saddle bags there (legs won't fit over)

she thinks a tank bag won't be enough space and will get in the way of my instruments.

thoughts? anything is helpful.

fyi i'm a big guy and she's more of a petite girl. everything on the bike is stock and i'm not looking to spend a lot of money. any bags i add should be easily removed.


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I have found you can never have a bag too big. Your girl will appreciate it more than you. This goes for saddlebags and tank bags. If you go too small then someone (your girl) may have to wear a backpack, and that is no good on long rides.

edit: Some bags will get in the way of a passenger's legs, so if you can shop with her there and try bags on the bike would be the best way.
Also some bags look small but are made to expand quite a bit when full. With a sport bike, that type may be the way to go depending on the exhaust and rear footpegs location.

Next year you'll be looking at a cruiser, wanna bet?

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I've got the nelson-rigg CL1000 saddle bags and they don't interfere w/ passenger's legs on either my 250R or my ZZR600. between them they hold just a tick under 40L, which'll hold pretty much anything you'll need for a day trip. I'm not a fan of tank bags... if I'm running light and no passenger I'll run my tail bag.
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