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Any advice is welcomed!

Here is the skinny:

Bought this bike(A '76 I believe) and its beat up twin for $100. The motors were swapped by PO. Said he could get good spark, but no start, so I took on the challenge.

I cleaned out the gas tank tea, degunked the carb(Wasn't even getting fuel to the float bowl), and set it back to what I believe stock settings. Still no start. So I completely stripped both carbs, submerged them in Yamaha carb cleaner overnight and blew out every hole with spray carb cleaner. No start with either one.

So here is where I stand: Good spark, good compression(Can really feel the difference spark plug in versus out), and I think I am getting good fuel now. So what am I missing?

When I kick it with the choke on, sometimes it will fire a flame burst out the carb intake, but that seems to be the closest I can get to "firing". I took out the plug today and looked at it after trying to start for awhile, and it was pretty wet.

Possible problems: Air might be leaking past carb to engine connection, but not sure how to test or fix. Bad/old fuel in crank case(is that even possible?). Poor carb settings(But I would think at some point it would turn over from being too rich since i have adjusted it up and down).

This engine is so simple that it's frusterating that I can't get it started. :mad:
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