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nomad owners???

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just would like to know if there are other nomad owners on this site,so we can chat about our bikes,i'm a new owner of a 2004 nomad (blue&silver),love it alot got 3500 miles since may!!
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Hey, Pete. I found a still-in-the-crate 2003 in early June this year, so I got the red and beige I was hoping for. 4500 miles on it so far, one slight problem was the famous snapping noise in rear wheel. Taken care of right away and no other glitches. I have a trailer hitch and Dart trailer we use for camping. I'm coming from GL1800 country, so the horsepower drop was VERY noticeable, but I'm liking it just fine now. Have you tried the Edmonds lowers? You will not believe the reduction in head buffeting!!!
Bag top rails can also be obtained from your local Kaw dealer...
Hey there, Buggs.... I'm about 5'8", 175#s, and I used to ride Goldwings with the same feeling you're experiencing. Not feeling in total control of the things. The first time I sat on a Nomad, I realized how different it felt. My feet were firmly on the groung with out streching and reaching. After a couple of weeks, I couldn't believe how nicely this thing behaved.
I think you ought to give it a little more time. Avoid trouble spots like stopping on rough or uneven ground, or steep slopes. Avoid doing uturns on a steep slope, etc. You need to get comfortable with a different style bike and learn how to handle it. The Nomad is a great bike, in my opinion. I hope you work it out.
1 - 3 of 85 Posts
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