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nomad owners???

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just would like to know if there are other nomad owners on this site,so we can chat about our bikes,i'm a new owner of a 2004 nomad (blue&silver),love it alot got 3500 miles since may!!
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new nomad owner

Bought a 2001 Nomad with all the trimings. Cobra pipes, jet kit etc. Sounds great, looks fantastic and really handles well for such a large bike. It is surprisingly nimble in traffic. Just removed pillion seat and purchased a solo luggage rack to replace the back seat.

Does anyone know where to obtain saddlebag top rails? Looking to dress it up some more. Also does anyone know of a good set of pullback handlebars that can be used with the stock cables?

It's a pleasure to be among other Nomad Owners . I look forward to participating in this forum
Welcome to the forum, foxy. There are plenty of Nomad riders here, and I'm sure you will get some feedback. In the meantime, you may want to call our sponsor, Beartooth Kawsaki and/or check out http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/
New Nomad owner

Thanks for the welcome. I will contact the sponsor for the things I need, thanks for the tip.
Bag top rails can also be obtained from your local Kaw dealer...
nomad rider

just found the site and joined immediately. bought an 03 nomad new in may 04 and love it. put on cobra pipes, kuryakyn pro series hypercharger, dynojet pcmIII, kuryakyn ISO grips and highway pegs, F&S backrest, rack and driving lights, hitchdoc trailer hitch, TNT diamond plate trailer. will hopefully be painting the entire bike this winter as well as installing the fairing i just purchased that came off a 96 harley FLH. bike has 6500 miles as of today, its been a slow summer. hope to have 10K by the end of its first riding season. i am in new england, but usually i can stretch the season to early december. ride safe.
Wow! You've been busy, ispeed77. :D Welcome to the forum. There are many Nomad owners here, and this is just a good place with good people, and great information.

When you have a minute, please post pics in the "Want to show off your ride?" forum. I'd love to see your ride.

thanks for inquiring, I just finished the post. title is my nomad and trailer. the pics don't look that great on the page, but if you open them they look much better, even though one is huge !
nomad rider

hey guys! Just it 30,000 miles on my nomad and so far ( knock on wood ) with not one problem. great bike! question: just put new tires on & was wondering is there somekind of break in that has to be done on new tires? by the way is any one going to the trail of tears ride next week end? We are going all the way this year. :D anyone from Alabama? I'm from a area called Eastaboga about 60 miles north of B-town. Good site guys keep it up!
MOM says the stock tires won't grip properly until 100 miles. Probably about the same for yours to break in.


Thanks Phatboy!! When I was coming home after they changed out those tires I could tell the bike wanted to be a little squirrelly.
I need advice

I am a 42 yr man. Most of my life I rode different bikes from Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha. From 125s to 900s. But in the past 9 yrs I have been out of the loop fo bikes. Well for the past 3 months I have been stalking the Vulcan 1500 classic. Great reviews and a looker. Saved my money for a while and yesterday went to the delaership. Had my sights set on the classic. Well, the salesman said he would make me a good deal on a nomad fi next to it. Wow, what a beautiful bike. Said it was exactly the same as the classic except for about 70 lbs more in weight for the dressing. Now keep in mind I am 5'7 and 160 lbs. This nomad felt different to me then the classic as far as balance. After purchase and read specs they are not the same in my opinion. Guys, this is a beautiful bike, lots of great reviews. But I feel I cannot control this bike because of its weight. It feels so top heavy. Does anyone else feel this or is it just me because of my size? Do I need to change the way I treat this bike? This my first touring cruiser. Are there special considerations and precautions? I have never, ever laid a bike down or been in an accident until last night. I started out of the drive way, turn the wheel, gave it gas ( not enough and stalled) and dropped the bike. Thank god for the crash bars. I want to keep this bike but now I feel its too much for me. Really could use other nomad owners input and opinions. Do I need to get use to it and also make adjustment because its a cruiser? Don't know any nomad owners so lay it on me and thanks to all who respond.
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ok, here's my take on your situation. i am almost exactly the same size as you, 5'7" around 170 lbs. i absolutely love my nomad and have no problem with its weight. i actually find it better balanced than my previous bike which was a honda magna that weighed 300lbs less and is considered a "sporty" cruiser. your last sentence makes me think you are used to a different type of bike. that alone will make a big difference when it comes to how you feel on any cruiser. i would give it a little time and try to get accustomed to everything about the bike that is new to you. that is my advice, but it comes down to how you feel on the bike. if your feelings don't change in a decent amount of time, then maybe you should look into other bikes.
Hey ispeed77,

Your right, I need to get use to a cruiser This weekend I will head out to feel this bike out. I do not know why I am hesitating. Guess cause I am getting older. I do show respect for these machines and was told by Harley owners that if your not a liitle afraid of these bikes, you should not be on one. Again thanks ispeed77 for your response.

Keep at it, buggs. That's a heck of a machine you got there, and I bet with a few hundred miles, your fears will be gone and the fun will overwhelm you! :)
Keep it up Buggs!! I feel everything will change the way you feel about the bike. You are right if you are not afraid of it you don't need to be on it. I had a 800 classic and up to the 2001 nomad. Big difference, When I was leaving the dealership I said : to myself :eek: Did I do the right thing? But I feel now it was the best way to go. I love my nomad. one thing is if someone riding with you . BIG DIFFERENCE! just keep going for awhile!
Nomad 05

Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad Motorcycle Becomes 1600cc for '05

I was tempted to wait before I got my 04 in 04 but the riding season was upon us here in New York. Couldn't wait. Glad I didn't. It's been a great bike so far.

Check out this web page:
Hey there, Buggs.... I'm about 5'8", 175#s, and I used to ride Goldwings with the same feeling you're experiencing. Not feeling in total control of the things. The first time I sat on a Nomad, I realized how different it felt. My feet were firmly on the groung with out streching and reaching. After a couple of weeks, I couldn't believe how nicely this thing behaved.
I think you ought to give it a little more time. Avoid trouble spots like stopping on rough or uneven ground, or steep slopes. Avoid doing uturns on a steep slope, etc. You need to get comfortable with a different style bike and learn how to handle it. The Nomad is a great bike, in my opinion. I hope you work it out.
Well I'm back. First of all, I did make 2 great choices. #1, is joining this forum. Because everyone gave such good input and positive advice here I kept getting on this bike. And in this day and age, trying to help someone you don't know is unheard of. And I really appreciate everyone who helped. This is no lie, if it wasn't for this forum I would not be on the thing, but because everyone has responded that is why I will keep trying and give it a fair chance. #2, it is a nice bike, I put about 50 more miles on it so far, not much compared to alot of others here, but it's a start. And where I live you can't be to cautious. Too many teenagers driving around and they could care less if your there. Also, I can see why everyone braggs about these bikes due to comfort and rock solid ride. My goal, to reply to you guys saying I just got back from a 500 mile road trip and it was a blast. Where?, don't know yet, but I feel it will be soon.

Thanks again
New nomad owner

Hi, all Nomad riders,
I recently got my Nomad from a HD dealer on e-bay they took in on trade. It was described as overall fine shape, 2002. When I got it the tires were pretty worn at 9K miles and it wouldn't idle without the choke out. I called them and they said they wouldn't leave me hanging so I took it to my local K dealer. Now they want to pull the engine to fix a rocker cover gasket leak and check out a noisy engine. I didn't see any leaks or feel the engine is noisy or rough at all. Makes me nervous, but the HD dealer is being very responsive as far as paying for new tires and labor and a 10K tuneup. K dealer said the idle was corrected with new plugs. The main problem is my new bike is in the shop and not in my garage! Any comments as far as your experience with anything like this happening to you are appreciated. Need to RIDE!

glad to see you're sticking it out, i am sure it will grow on you. i can already tell that it is, just listen to yourself describe the good qualities !!

sorry, no input for your situation. seems like the HD dealer will make good, so maybe let the kawi dealer do what needs to be done. just don't get burned, hate when that happens, good luck, hope you get your nomad home soon in perfect condition.
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