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nomad owners???

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just would like to know if there are other nomad owners on this site,so we can chat about our bikes,i'm a new owner of a 2004 nomad (blue&silver),love it alot got 3500 miles since may!!
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WOW That Yellow bad boy is a real eye catcher, I'd call it the "safety Nomad"... ;)
I have an 06 Nomad and love it. Been building it to be the bike I have
always wanted. Ride safe,
Tell me it's metalflake, please!!!!:D
That Yellow bad boy is a real eye catcher
Bee catcher :p
Usually your tires are scupped when they make noise when you lean the bike. You need to keep 38 psi front 40 rear or they will do this in less than 7K. I have a 01 FI Nomad with 26K and some change with a 2 ti 1 roadhouse exaust. I love it. I'm on my 2rd front tire and 3rd rear and ride double most of the time. I changed the final drive at 15K due to a seal leak.
81 - 85 of 85 Posts
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