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nomad stuff for sale

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What did you replace your windscreen with? Or did you?
ispeed77 said:
i will be installing a Harley fairing as soon as i get everything painted. i figured no sense in keeping the shield, and i could really use the money right now !
Electra Fairing on a Nomad......h-m-m-m.

I'll have to look up some pics on that. Sounds interesting.
ispeed77 said:
thanks for the good wishes guys, hopefully they will work ! :grin:
Spok, sorry i didn't take the pics of the pipes on the stove too :wink:

Brancher, here's a pic, of a guys bike, that i talked to from VROC a while back. i hope he doesn't mind me showing off his bike ! he has a rear box as well, which i am not going to do.
Yeah, I went to Gadget's site and looked at the piece on Electra fairing. the HD setup looks a lot better than the aftermarket stuff - he did say it would affect front end weight, though - just something to get used to ....

Let us all know how it goes - It'll be great to see it come to life! Then maybe I'll buzz up there for a test ride!

p.s. I modified my Cobras - drilled some strategic holes and the sound is awesome! So I figured I was pretty much done with the Nad ('til you mentioned the HD fairing....)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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