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NOMAD Tapping Noise - '02 1500

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Hi, All.

I just picked up a Nomad - 2002 - low miles, warranty, etc. My first Kawasaki, I picked it over the HD Road King. I've noticed that the engine is NOISY and I can't seem to pinpoint that confounded high-speed tapping sound that happens at certain rpm's. It's not incessant, nor does it seem to affect the performance, but I'd love to know how to get rid of it.

The dealer said it was normal for Kawasaki big-V's, and not to worry about it. He also said the `1500 is a noisy engine' as a big V-twin. He also added that the windscreen exaggerates the sound by providing a sound path to the rider, and it's really not very loud (huh?) to others.

Other forums say:
1. fuel pump spring can be replaced to get rid of the sound
2. It's from the valve configuration, no remedy.
3. Heavier oil (or lighter oil) is in order, depending on who writes.

Any KAW techs on this forum? I'd love some insight on this bike's engine and how I can maximize performance while minimizing sound ugliness.

btw, I like the bike otherwise - the look is unforgettable, the styling is great, and it (so far) is very nimble for its 750-plus weight. And, when I get the Cobras and the PC installed, I expect it'll just get better.

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But I'd bet there's someone out there with a stethoscope and a remedy! After driving the Nomad a few hundred miles, I am learning how this road cruiser likes to be shifted, and how fast he can really go without breathing hard. What a great bike (of course, I'm just getting back into this - my last bike was Honda 550F - before marriage, kids, mortgage, etc)....

It just keeps surprising me with its ability to wind out, keep up the speed, and handle curves and corners as lightly as it does. I think this engine tapping thing may end up to be one of my (notorious) science projects before it's over with....

Thanks!! for the welcome and the input.

Hey, you may know... where can I get a good solo seat and a curved luggage rack for it? Looking for a cruising solo, one that'll take a chrome trim ring and a little luggage rack that hooks up where the passenger pillion sits.....

Thanks again.

Currituck NC
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Well, the pipe noise isn't really noise, is it?

Anyway, we'll see when the pipes come in. BTW, every heard of Sea Foam? I use it in my Trooper, it does a marvelous job of keeping my Trooper engine clean.


That is very useful info for the future. I've only got 4k miles on mine, but it may be the same problem / procedure.

Is there any tapping at all now? I've put several hundred miles on mine now, so I'm used to the sound at this point and don't even really noticve it anymore. Mine is still under warranty for another 22 mos or so, so I'll relax a bit 'til then.

thanks again!

Be Safe....
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